With the market moving so fast these days, we are fielding questions from our clients every day here at MyFloodStatus. This is one “Frequently Asked Question” we’ve been seeing quite a bit lately. Here is a short and sweet answer to this question, along with a convenient 1-page download on “How to Challenge Your Flood Status”, a simple 3-step guide.

Q: What’s the difference between a MyFloodStatus Flood Zone Determination Report and an Elevation Certificate?

MyFloodStatus Flood Zone Determination Reports will identify if a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) is present, and if it contacts a property or, more specifically, the structure. Our report will also provide approximate Base Flood Elevations for the local floodplain.  

A flood insurance quote can be obtained by an insurance agent based on the findings of our official report. To determine if there is an opportunity to remove the structure from the designated SFHA based on its elevation, this is when an actual Elevation Certificate (EC) should be pursued. 

An EC is a separate document that provides specific elevations in and around a subject structure that can be submitted in order to challenge or mitigate flood insurance requirements and related costs. EC’s should be ordered through a licensed surveyor.

Depending on your state, we can either issue the EC or provide support to work with a third party. Either way, the entire process begins by securing an official MyFloodStatus flood zone determination report. 

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Helpful Resources

CLICK HERE to read, print or save a handy document that Real Estate Agents can share with their clients. This 1-pager explains the process of challenging a Flood Status in 3 simple steps.

How to Order

CLICK HERE to order a MyFloodStatus Flood Zone Determination Report from MyFloodStatus.com or by clicking the MFS link in participating partners MLS’s.