Tidelands Report

Tidelands Report

Our tidelands report is a certified, insured search of public records and maps for tideland (riparian rights) claims on a property.  Tidelands or riparian lands, are all lands that are currently and formerly flowed by the mean high tide of a natural waterway. The State of New Jersey asserts an ownership interest of these tidelands and holds them in trust for the people of the state.

The WTG tidelands report is a superior product – setting the standard for ‘best practices’ in the industry. The high quality of this report is based on important key factors, including (i) the report is insured for $2,000,000, we stand behind our work (ii) our proprietary geocoding used to identify the parcel, (iii) ‘visual verification’ allowing the client to see the imagery used in the analysis, and if the subject property is found to have a tidelands(riparian) claim, a review for grants, licenses and leases (instruments) of any claimed area will be performed.  Any “instruments” found will be included in the report.

Many large bodies of water like bays and rivers are examples of tidelands. However, hundreds of small tidal streams that exist today or flowed through cities that have since been filled in and built over, are also examples of tidelands. The state of new jersey claims ownership of these tidelands. Common uses of tidelands include docks, bulkheads and other fill materials. Tidelands may be sold in the form of a riparian grant or rented through a tidelands license or lease.

Supporting our tidelands report is the wtg flood resource center. Staffed by mapping experts and gis analysts dedicated to working with professionals and the public to provide information and support.

To ensure you have an authentic MyFloodStatus Flood Zone Determination report, look for the “certified” “insured” seal in the upper left corner.


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