"Western Technologies has been a valued resource for Infinity Title Agency, Inc. for more than six years."

Infinity Title Agency

"Coupled with outstanding technology, the Western staff has the knowledge, experience and willingness to assist in complicated matters involving flood and tidelands issues."

WTG Title Client

"Your company has provided us with a needed LOMA both to raise our property value and remove the requirement for flood insurance required by lenders."

Ray Kasey, PIC Construction

"The very quick response is commendable in a time when any type of follow-up these days is a rarity."

John Cadmus, NJ Real Estate Agent

"I will be using your services once again when any listing or sale comes up with a remote possibility of a tidelands or other waterfront issue arises."

Re/Max Real Estate Agent, NJ

"Your work was prompt and took half as much time as we had anticipated. Your diligence is also greatly appreciated."

Barry Pikaard, PIC Construction

"Even more importantly the professional service that Western Technologies extends to their customers each and every time you call for help and/or additional information is the best."

Edward S. Dec PE, PLS, CME

"Western Technologies has enhanced our ability to deliver high-level customer service to all of our clientele."

Long Time Customer

"The clear, detailed and informative searches provide not only data about the property, but context as well via the integrated satellite imagery, tax map overlays and color-enhanced diagrams. i use western technologies every day!"

Infinity Title Agency

"Expertise….accurate, dependable, easy to read, and quick service. that is what you can always expect from Western Technologies."

Amy Gadzinski, Spirit Title Agency, LLC

"Our positive (LOMA) outcome was due to the professionalism of Western Technologies Group."

John and Cindy Cusack, Homeowners

"The expertise and service that you receive from Western Technologies not only provides you and your clients with reliable tidelands searches, but provides confidence and peace of mind."

Amy Gadzinski, Spirit Title Agency, LLC

"MyFloodStatus was so easy to work with, all i needed was my elevation certificate and deed. they did all the work, and for a minimal fee. and, they are the nicest people!"

Bob Versheck, Keller Williams Shore Properties

"Always a pleasure working with the western technologies group, LLC team. Every tidelands order i request comes back in rapid fashion. in a number of cases, I had my searches back within minutes. a very professional organization."

Ray Van Horn, Resource Title, LLC

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how valuable the reports are that your company offers. They are a very important tool for both home sellers and buyers."

Pamela Molloy, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

"Thank you so very much! i have been trying to get this (LOMA) done for years but had not found anyone to help me with the filing...this is going to save me $1500 a year."

Robin Millis, Home Owner

"I just cut my potential flood insurance annual payment by over $3,700.00 a year! MyFloodStatus’s information brought me to the realization that while my “land” is in a flood zone, my actual “home” isn’t."

Bob Versheck, Keller Williams Shore Properties

Happy Customers.

Hats off to this awesome resource, WTG/MyFloodStatus, who helped 4 different groups in our office straighten out their FEMA nightmare.  Flood maps changed on July 21, 2016 in Mercer County, NJ which left us with newly created flood zone issues on properties under contract or listed.  WTG/MFS helped the owners through the process and more favorable outcomes were put in place.  Thank you!

Susan N
Managing Broker 
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Princeton, NJ

I just cut my potential flood insurance annual payment by over $3,700 a year!  MyFloodStatus information brought me to the realization that while my “land” is in a flood zone, my actual “home” isn’t.

Bob V
KW Shore Properties

Talk about serendipity! I was involved in a flood zone dispute in Winona County with a local lender when the MyFloodStatus service was announced for our association. At this time the seller had already hired a surveyor to ascertain the status of their property and was awaiting those results.  I decided to request a report from MyFloodStatus and in less than 24 hours they supplied a report stating the property was not in the flood zone. They provided their report and an amendment that was filed in 2001 stating the property was no longer in the flood plain. The lenders private flood zone certification provider missed this fact entirely! Literally a day later the surveyor the seller hired provided the same news that confirmed the earlier report. The cost to the seller was $900 however. With the information provided from MyFloodStatus, i was able to negotiate with the lender to reimburse the sellers for their surveyor’s expense. The lender’s flood zone contractor was clearly negligent with the information they supplied. The seller was thrilled they didn’t have to pay for the surveyor and a sale was saved as the buyer was able to move forward since the impossibly high cost of flood insurance was eliminated!

Shawn Buryska, Southeast Minnesota Realtors

Thank you so much for helping me with my situation – you helped save my deal!  I’m a real estate agent myself and was selling my home.  The buyer’s attorney produced a report that said my home was in a flood zone and the buyers did not want to purchase it if that was the case.  I knew that it was not as I’d never paid flood insurance and had lived there for 20 years.  I ordered a flood zone determination at MyFloodStatus.com and was able to confirm that my home was not in a flood zone.  This was the best thing i ever could have done – the buyers moved forward with the purchase and everything went smoothly!

Mary P.
Real Estate Agent
Milburn, NJ


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