NJ Property Peek Report

NJ Property Peek Report: Deluxe

The property peek report is a comprehensive property report that provides useful data and gis maps for real estate agents, engineers, surveys, banks, builders, title agents, attorneys, mortgage lenders, and other professionals.

This customizable report includes a 20-year tax assessment history, tax map with satellite imagery, zoning map, historical aerials (going back to 1930), category-1 water (with buffers), wetlands, preserved & open spaces, dep-reported contaminated sites, farmland preserved and open spaces, cafra, highlands management, pineland, management, topo, soils data, and sewer service areas.

This report is not insured. It is provided as a ‘heads-up’ for potential issues related to a property. Some of those issues require additional analysis beyond the scope of the report (i.E. For a complete wetlands analysis, an engineer must walk the property (loi) to survey and collect data).

The property report is used by real estate agents for listing presentations and open houses to capture new business and inform interested parties about the subject property.  The property report helps them provide important information to their buyers and sellers. The property report also helps them secure more business by strengthening their listing presentation, plus brand and promote their services to the market.

Builders, attorneys and developers use the property report for preliminary due diligence about a specific property prior to investing time and money in engineering and permits.

Anyone who is selling or buying a home or anyone looking to build in areas that could be restricted by environmental issues, should consider ordering a property report.


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