Flood Zone Determination Report

Flood Zone Determination

Is my home in a “high risk” flood zone?   Do I need flood insurance?   How can I lower my flood insurance premium?   Will new maps affect my flood status?   Can a property’s “high risk” flood status be changed and how will this affect the premium?

Real estate agents, home inspectors, appraisers, homeowners, homebuyers and any professional involved in real property transactions are constantly contemplating the answers to these questions. WTG’s flood zone determination report is the first step in the quest for answers. Real property professionals, homeowners and home buyers can run a MyFloodStatus Flood Zone Determination report to identify the true flood status of any property in the USA.  Many properties are misidentified, improperly classified for insurance rates or improperly determined.  The result, homeowners are paying up to 90 percent higher premiums. The MyFloodStatus flood zone determination report is the key to unlocking our flood resource center.

Staffed by certified floodplain managers specializing in best practices to lower flood insurance premiums and mitigate flood risk. Times are changing…..Homeowners and potential home buyers will be impacted by rising flood insurance premiums. The ability to pay for a new home or afford a mortgage can hinge on the amount of flood insurance required.

The WTG Flood Resource Center uses Flood Zone Determination reports to challenge the current flood status, expose any mistakes, and reduce or eliminate the requirement to pay for flood insurance. The MyFloodStatus Flood Zone Determination report is insured, we stand by our findings.  The report includes “visual verification”, with maps and aerial photography to conclusively show whether a high-risk zone encroaches (touches) an insurable structure on the property.  This analysis, completed by trained certified floodplain managers, determines if flood insurance is necessary and what steps can be taken to lower the flood insurance premiums. To ensure you have an authentic MyFloodStatus flood zone determination report, look for the certified/insured seal in the upper left corner.


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